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The disappearance of Cuban representatives on their way to attend the American Film Festival


A spokeswoman for the film festival will be held in New York, said representatives of Cubans they starred in a film about the split to the United States disappeared on their way to attend the festival, where he was scheduled to attend the premiere of the film last week.

Student arrested in America after the sixth headmaster threatened and kicked

ReutersPolice said on Wednesday it escorted a child in the age of six from his elementary school in a small town in Indiana and accused him of beating and intimidation after he kicked the headmaster of the school and threatened him.

Health authorities in Mexico: news Download a woman in nine twins incorrect

Reuters  She said health authorities in Mexico said the reports that spoke about a womanpregnant with twins in nine northern Mexico is incorrect.

Sale last message to the leader of the band of the Titanic for 155 000 dollars

ReutersWas sold by a British leader Wallace Hartley band on board the Titanic for his parents in England, five days before the ship collision iceberg and sank nearly a century agocompared to about 155 thousand dollars in an online auction on Thursday.

Love alone is not enough for marriage in South Korea

ReutersWas the Beatles singing and repeating, "All you need is love" in South Korea but this is not true, as it requires those who want to marry a lot of money, estimated at around 200thousand dollars, more than four times the average annual income.

Zurich to restore the stolen painting to Dega

ReutersProsecutors announced in the city of Zurich, the Swiss authorities have recovered the last panel of four paintings stolen during an armed robbery at a Swiss museum four years ago, a panel of French photographer Edgar Dega, which is one of the founders of the Impressionist school.

Food and Drug Administration recognizes the new treatment Viagra rival

Reuters  Approved the Food and Drug Administration on Friday, a new drug for the treatment oferectile dysfunction produced by Vivos which gives small business an opportunity to sella commercial product profitable.

Study: Chinese children enter the world of the Internet early

A recent study on the use of the Internet and social networking that 70% of Chinese children enter the world of the Internet before the age of ten.

Veterinarian Gets Probation After He Was Caught Having Sex With Horse

Tulsa, OK - A veterinary student who was videotaped engaging in sex with a horse got off. ... With probation after pleading guilty to sodomy charges in an Oklahoma court
Thomas Wilson, 28, was a veterinarian in training at the Legacy Equine Medical and Surgical Centre near Tulsa. According to court records, in September 2009, a co-

Australian court order "to FC" to pay $ 8 million in compensation to the girl poisoned by one of his meals

"كي أف سي" استأنف القرار
Australian court ordered the giant fast-food "to FC" to pay $ 8.3 million in compensation to the family of an Australian girl adult brain damaged after toxicity due to fish meal.

Iraq fell in love with two young women .. Married the same night

Iraqi Abdul Rahman fell in love with two young women at the same time, the first daughter of his uncle and second cousin of his father .. To prove how much his love for them and not to prefer one to the other, married in one night.

Waitress in a bar is famous the world after taking a picture of her with «Obama»

Typical American girl turned "Madeleine Starkey" working in the bar to the world-famousColorado after taking a picture of her with President Barack Obama and reported byvarious websites on the web in minutes.

Television: Mexican woman pregnant with twins nine

Television station (Televisa) said on Thursday that Mexican woman pregnant with twinsnine .. Six females and three males.

Tumor save a child from Colombia the title of "turtle" - Photos

استئصال ورم يخلص طفلا كولومبيا من لقب
U.S. claims to rid a child, "Didi" 6 years of a foreign body has grown from a young ageon his back like a turtle rock everlasting dark brown, even dubbed the "baby turtle."

German cause in 1000 fined a motorist!

ألمانية تتسبب في تغريم 1000 سائق سيارة!
German courts had previously seen the battles, and even murders, too, caused by the radio voice of high or because of a car parked in the wrong place. But Tina's German. (30 years) caused the motorist fined 1000, during the three days only, because they passed on the street where you live.


10 most expensive divorce settlements in Hollywood

10 - ميل جيبسون
As weddings are lavish Hollywood celebrities and luxury, also divorce cost them millions.What are the 10 most expensive divorce settlements among Hollywood celebrities have been so far.

Video: Chinese girl rescued by one of the collapsed sidewalks

Chinese girl escaped from death after falling by the sidewalk of a street because oferosion caused by water seeping into the underneath. And surveillance camerasrecorded the moment of its fall.

NASA video .. was great footage shows how the earth looks from space

The NASA space science for the U.S. introduced the video shows what it looks like the Earth from space.

Video showing the torture of a citizen in Libya

فيديو يظهر تعذيب مواطن في ليبيا
This video clip sent him "Hero Teto" for a page site channel "Russia Today" on Facebook. The letter stated: 

Brad and Angelina are preparing for the marriage ceremony

Two months of Hollywood, "Brad Pitt" and "Angelina Jolie" intend to hold their weddingceremony at the palace in France.

Representative error hang himself on stage

Representative of the Brazilian man died after he hanged himself by mistake while playing the role of a play.

Beyonce the most beautiful women of the land in 2012

Magazine "People" of America chooses Beyonce black to win the title of "the most beautiful women in the world" for the year 2012.

Maid in Sharjah received a baby in a trash container from the ninth floor and stay alive

Dropped Sharjah Police arrested a Filipino maid threw the baby carried by a serial killer from the opening of waste in the ninth floor of a building in Sharjah.

British guides his wife bouquet of flowers every week in 70 years

Agencies: -

British offers in the Eighty-ninth-old flowers to his wife every week over the past seven decades, a down payment for his love for her.

Trial "girl" killed her friend and I ate her thigh after a pagan ritual

Echo (Agencies): Russian prosecute killed her friend stabbed and ate part of her thigh in the region of St. Petersburg (North West), on charges of murder on the local publicprosecutor announced. The crime was committed in the Tosno near St. Petersburg after the establishment of a pagan ritual on the same source said.

British student tormented itself in defense of animals!

طالبة بريطانية تعذب نفسها دفاعاً عن الحيوانات!
British student has decided to torture themselves in front of passers-by in London, the same way in which the torture of animals, in defense of their rights and to express its opposition to the tests conducted on them.

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