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Chemical revives hope for a cure for blindness after their success with mice

Blind mice regained her sight thanks to the chemical make them sensitive to light, according to U.S. scientists showed in a study revives hope for a cure for blindness.

The affect of this article called "eh eh Q" in the retinal cells that become sensitive to light, as explained Richard Kramer, a professor of biology at Berkeley (California) and lead author of the study.

This is the way to deal with temporary blindness does not require any surgery, and pave the way for an anti-blindness treatment, as well as technology-chip implants and stem cell transplantation, which conducted their study at present.

Kramer explained that "what distinguishes this approach is that it is based on a chemical, that we can control any substance or mix a dose of other treatments or stop their consumption if not given the desired results."

Although it was difficult to determine the proportion of blind mice who recovered, the researchers noted the positive effect of material when they saw that the pupil is reduced in mice under the influence of light and that the rats are trying to avoid the light.

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