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Judge refuses to imprison an Italian teenager raped a girl aged 5 years

قاض يرفض حبس مراهق ايطالي اغتصب طفلة عمرها 5 سنوات

The pretext that his mind veered after watching pornography on the Internet

Judge rejected a British court, imprisoned teenager, for the rape of a child five years old, on the pretext that his mind veered after watching pornography on the Internet.

The newspaper "Daily Mirror" the British, the teenager, aged 14 years, took care of the girl child during the absence of her parents, but he raped her after watching pornographic movies on the Internet, but the judge the Crown Court in Cambridge refused to put in jail for his belief that his mind corrupted pornography he saw.

The newspaper added that Judge Gareth Hawksworth, told the teenager that he "was convinced that I did when the oldest child to view sexual act sinner momentum that psychotic after watching pornography available on the Internet .. This sin of the world and society."

The judge ordered the prevention of adolescent, who withheld his identity for legal reasons, to watch pornographic films and owning mobile phones or computers that are not equipped to block pornographic websites for a period of five years, and do community service for a period of three years.

He said activists in the field of protecting children from sexual exploitation, the issue is evidence of the dangers faced by children from easy access to pornographic sites on the Internet, and called for a ban.

A report issued by the British Government, finally revealed that the teenagers launched a wave of sexual attacks after watching pornographic films on the Internet.

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