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Hospital in India kills babies for non-payment of a bill of $ 3.5!

مستشفى بالهند يقتل رضيعا لعدم دفع قاتورة بقيمة 3.5 دولار !

Indian authorities are investigating the charge and face the father of the hospital to remove life support from an infant because of the pay bill of $ 200 or Rupee equivalent of $ 3.50.

He had been put the baby at the age of five days in custody after she was born early in a government hospital in Jalandhar Punjab state, northwest of the country.

And called the hospital the baby's family to pay 200 rupees for electricity nursery.
News reports quoted Sanjeev Kumar for the girl's father said, "I begged for the work of the hospital staff to keep it in the nursery because I did not have the money but they refused to listen to me and my baby died last night of Wednesday."

"I killed my baby for 200 rupees."
The Minister of Health state Madan Mohan Mittal ordered an investigation and vowed to take action against the work of the hospital staff who refused to provide treatment for the baby.

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