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American woman demanding to adopt a monkey for their sense of affection towards him motherhood!

إمرأة أمريكية تطالب بتبنى قرداً لشعورها بعاطفة الأمومة نحوه!

(Monkey in his mother's eye deer) so the saying goes the famous People who described the case of this woman carefully for several decades.

After the adoption of an American actress and announcing for the donkey to marry him three months ago, overlooking us today Japanese photographer "Kosuke Kashyurko" request adoption of a monkey from the center of the province of animal protection in New York.

She said the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, "The Kashyurko" she said in a request made by the Center for the municipality, it wants to adopt a human jungle "Kalabato" because they feel passionately maternal towards him, because of his looks full of love that filled his eyes, when seen as sticking her leg, rejecting her departure in each time you visit them.

Nevertheless, the municipality refused to give the New York State's human jungle "Kashyurko" because of his platoon rare, but they insisted and even announced the receipt of municipal Sit monkey, hence the call for officials in New York collecting the mother her son because in the end (the son-Ghali).

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