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View the worst song in history

According to the agency "UBI" news, Rebecca Black won the U.S. Award "the worst song in history" for her song "Friday," The strange thing is that 16 million people watched the video the song on "YouTube" to register their criticism.

The song says, in part, "Yesterday was Thursday .. Thursday .. It is currently Fri .. Friday .. I want to go down to the bus station .. I want to see my friends .. We are very, very excited."
And a variety of criticisms of Black between the intake of her voice, and others described the song as "disgusting", and others when it came to insults to Black, and wishing for her death.
Black, for its part felt shocked by the poor in this category for her song, but she accepted the criticism of whatever nature.
Black said "In the beginning, when I saw all these horrible comments I cried. I felt like my fault and that he did not have to do it but now I do not feel any of this," and confirmed that it has the talent to some extent.

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