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Experiences of the CIA scientific frightening


Do you know what the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency U.S.), do you know how this works and what the entity objectives, where buildings are located, from individuals who work with it? You will not find an answer to many of the above questions, even in the same U.S. citizen. Some of those who tried to American film scenarios about mysteries of this entity, some of them approached him and some of them strain the imagination. But recently leaked some information about the history of this device, including information on the scientific experiments that work with them, which is what we will post them to you in this report:

1 - Project "MK - Ultra"
Had the men of the CIA's belief that there are ways to control the human mind, and they had also mania that these methods can be used by America's enemies against it, that's launched the "MK Ultra" and was intended to control the minds of individuals using drugs to hallucination, has been used secretly insane patients to experience these drugs on them and see how they effect when the holder is under investigation and interrogation.

2 - "MK - Ultra 35"
This project was launched to find a chemical or biological compound used in the case of chemical warfare or biological weapons, required of this compound that cause diseases such as memory loss, and stimulate thinking irrational. The device of the CIA to donate anonymously to a hospital at $ 375 thousand dollars, the equivalent of 1,000,406 thousand Saudi riyals, and the aim of the donation is to build a section dedicated to the research project "MK - Ultra 35."

3 - Draft "MK - Ultra Oovin"
Launched a CIA project to create a chemical compound is able to hit the target with symptoms similar to symptoms associated with heart attack or stroke, and discover the antidote fortifies men the CIA in the case of exposure to this chemical compound, the experiences of this project is implemented in secret on animals and people. The researchers found a compound called the "er a 3167" would cause a state of confusion and delirium to the recipients.

4 - the "MK Ultra 149"
This project was launched to find a new way to control the mind, and aimed at distracting the mind of the individual and make him unable to think deeply shocked wound pressure manipulates the skull, which ends with the individual unconscious memory.

5 - Draft Pandora
When he learned of the CIA during the Cold War the Russians (Soviets at that time) devices planted at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, graduated radiation Elictrumgnatisah cause mental illness and the visual to the members of the embassy. Decided to launch Pandora and not to tell members of the embassy to study the symptoms of this radiation on them, which led to the injury one members of the embassy cancer lymph nodes.

6 - Draft "for Bender"
The objective of this project is to create an individual is able to kill at any time, through the use of hypnosis. The CIA used an expert hypnotism called "Vingrz" to make the person live normally able to kill, if it receives a specific signal. The failure of this project, although some claim that Sirhan Sirhan (Robert F. Kennedy assassin) was of his victims.

7 - Draft "MK - Ultra 94"
He wanted the CIA through this project, planting a slide in the mind of a human or animal control makes it easy to convert it to a murderer in a timely manner. Some have claimed that the experiences of this project have been applied to some animals, and also on the Vietnamese prisoners who were executed when the failure of the experiment.

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