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Egyptian newlyweds left the wedding dressed in a horrific traffic accident

مصرع عروسين مصريين بزي الزفاف في حادث مروري مروع

The people of the couple never imagined one day that your joy by the procession will turn into a funeral, and that the way to the wedding will be the platform through death, and that their end - and some are the friends who came from Alexandria to their participation Farahthma - will be this way.

Has seen the international coastal road north of Cairo at dawn on Saturday June 30, a horrific traffic accident collision, resulting in the death of 4 people, including grooms wedding apparel.

Bride named Suhair at the age of 20 years, and assess the village Khaled Helmy of the city of Rosetta, and the groom, "Ahmed" did not exceed the 24-year-old sons of the city of Alexandria, died apparel wedding, and the victims from friends and relatives, according to press reports in Egypt.

Sadness overshadowed the people of the village of the bride, as well as Achan area Agami black after the announcement of the news of the death of Ahmed, while the wounded 14 people, others of the people and friends of the couple, cuts and bruises scattered the body, and the suspicion of post-concussion, and was transferred the bodies to morgue, hospital, Kafr El-Dawar General, and the injured to the same hospital , and the emancipation of the minutes of the incident.

The tragedy began to happen all of a collision between a "car No. 3728, PO Box Q," angel "and the car number 9256 Q ct" taxi "and the car owners of Western No. 5567.
During the course of the first vehicle the road referred to and the place of the incident disrupted the steering wheel, however, its leader, which led to the deviation and skip to the direction of turn, hit the the vehicles the second and third, the incident resulted in the death of a number (4) of autonomic cars first and the second between the couple, and one retired and housewife, was transport the bodies to the morgue and the injured to the same hospital.

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