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Pakistani woman gives birth to twins 5 to prevent her husband from the multi-

امرأة باكستانية تنجب 5 توائم لمنع زوجها من التعدد

Gave birth to twins five Pakistani woman after five years of marriage, according to a press report published in the "Riyadh" Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper said the pair were practicing with it pressure to marry again able to have children for him. The pair have already bowed to pressure and expressed his willingness to marry again.

For its part, the wife said that praying to God responded to their livelihood and five twins (four male and female) at one and the offset for the five years of her marriage with five children.

It is noteworthy that the husband changed his idea of ​​a second marriage, after having his wife, forbearing for the Twins, said he was interested in now is to provide a living for children and their mother.

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