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U.S. prison administration provides a reward for the prisoners managed to break the locks and exit from the cell!

ادارة سجن أمريكي تقدم مكافأة لسجناء نجحوا في كسر الأقفال والخروج من الزنزانة!

Prison management launched in the province of Fulton in Atlanta (Georgia U.S.) approach to test different models of locks used in the prison, according to the agency «Associated Press».

According to «Russia Today» and promised the prison inmates who will succeed in a specific time period to break the lock and exit from the cell, which is a reward for delicious dishes free of charge, is expected to keep a close prison models that prisoners could not be broken.

The prison administration was forced to take such measures because the prisoners learned to break the locks used in the cells was easily accustomed to roaming freely inside the prison.

And split local observers in their evaluations of the initiative based on the prison, while see some of them that this story has been exaggerated to a large degree, others believe that some prisoners can not, without the provision of locks that can not be broken, feeling safe in the presence of prisoners more aggressive on their side.

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