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Young Americans spend more than 90 thousand dollars to imitate the "Britney Spears!" - Photos

شاب أمريكي ينفق أكثر من 90 ألف دولار ليتشبّه ب

Young Americans spent more than 90 thousand dollars on surgical procedures to imitate asterisk World Britney Spears.

The newspaper (Daily Mail) that the British Cody Hayes (26 years) underwent a transformation and became a sexy name Kara, to resemble a favorite star Britney Spears.

Kara said, "When people said they see Britney in, it was considered a great compliment."

The Kara, when Cody was still in the 12 years of age, surprised her colleagues in the class after attending a ceremony to dance at her school in Ohio, wearing clothing similar to clothing worn by Spears in the music video.

Kara and subjected to the process of converting sexual and breast implants to look like Spears, has so far spent about 93 thousand dollars.

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