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American man to expose himself after his death!

أميركي فضح نفسه بعد وفاته!

Admitted in his obituary of all sins and the sins he committed in his life

In fact funny Wailing at the same time, a man exposing himself an American himself, after his death, and that after he wrote his obituary in his handwriting before his death, a full week, an obituary in which he admitted that what he did with all of the sins and the sins of all his life.

Which is called the late Val Patterson was ill cancer of the larynx and realized he would not live long he decided to write his obituary for himself and his wife recommended that the obituary published in 3 local newspapers, the state «Utah».

Patterson and difference of life after a week to write the obituary, so she implement his widow as his obituary on the deployment, which included a series of dramatic confessions of his part, whereby all the shameful secrets personal did not dare to reveal it during his lifetime.

Among the confessions mentioned by the strong «Paterson» in his obituary that he did not get a doctorate in engineering at all, explaining that an administrative error in the university, which was taught by that is led to grant such a certificate, which did not admit to any one throughout his life the fact ordered.

The deceased apologized to his superiors severe and his colleagues at work who always treated him as a holder of a doctorate degree that he has been Mschfa Twab time on perfecting his work to the maximum extent possible to atone for that sin.

In addition to the confessions of the other related to committing adultery and sabotage of public property in some cases, acknowledged «Paterson» also in the obituary that he had in 1971 of stealing the contents of the treasury (Tejoori) in one of the bars and that the police could not reach at all that he is a thief.

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