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A charlatan in Tunisia having sex with a woman in front of her husband's alleged deal with the husband watching!

مشعوذ في تونس يمارس الجنس مع سيدة أمام زوجها بدعوى معالجة الزوج العاجز جنسيا!

Tunisian court jailed swindler three years after he sexually assaulted the older and in more than one occasion a woman in front of her husband divorced her husband's alleged treatment of his illness.

Newspaper «Sunrise» said the protectors of the wife asked her «to bow to requests» Juggler after assured her ability to «Removing the node pair».

The newspaper added that the juggler received from Ms. «repeatedly» in front of her husband impotent, and he insisted on a follow-up treatment of sexual quotas despite the fact that if the husband has not seen any improvement, prompting his wife to flee to the home of her parents and reported to the police.

Juggler admitted to the police unless such a wife to her husband repeatedly, stressing that he was seeking from behind it to remove the impotence of the husband.

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