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The mother of Michael Jackson .. Missing

To report a formal loss of the mother of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, the U.S. after her grandchildren could not contact them for a whole week.

The network quoted a "CNN" American family lawyer for Sandra Rivera, saying that Katherine Jackson (82 years) left her home in Calabasas, California, July 14 Alburkirk heading to New Mexico to attend the ceremony for the Jackson brothers.

She pointed out that Jackson travels with her daughter Ribe Jackson.

Reported that Rivera was the belief that Jackson found the mother with her daughter, but her granddaughter Paris, aged 14 years I called on her aunt and her aunt the other singer Janet Jackson, but she was told she could not talk to her.

It is noteworthy that Katherine Jackson is the commandment legal grandchildren Prince, Paris and Blunkett after the death of their father in June 2009.

Rivera said "the boys are trying to call their grandmother and say they did not make it for about a week."

She added, "I am concerned not be safe."

Confirmed that Jackson did not contact the children of her son, since their father died 3 years ago, stressing that it "did not go at all for 24 hours without contacting the boys .. but we have no idea what is going on with them did not speak with one."

She pointed out that he had asked the Unit for Combating crimes of murder and robbery investigation in what is going on.

The Katherine Jackson in the midst of a dispute between a number of her children and her advisers about financial and legal affairs.

Did not have representatives of Janet Jackson's attempts to the "CNN" repeated queries about what is going on.

For his part, denied the brother of "Michael Jackson" the disappearance of his mother

Denied Jermain a brother Michael Jackson news of the disappearance of his mother, which he said was in good health and takes a rest in Arizona, the southwest, where he wrote on his account in the "L" "I want to assure everyone that my mother is in good condition, but take a rest in Arizona at the doctor's reference, "according to what I said," Franz Press. "

The news of exile as a response to the announcement by network "CNN", which said that Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, aged 82, disappeared after he assured her grandchildren that he did not show them something for nearly a week, pointing out that Trent nephew of Catherine Jackson filed a complaint with the police in Los Angeles.

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