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Livestock breeders in South Africa providing mobile phones sheep to keep the communication with

مربي مواشي في جنوب أفريقيا يزود خرفانه بهواتف نقالة للإبقاء على التواصل معها

Older cattle breeders of South African to his flock of sheep processing mobile phones, to keep contact with his animals and put an end to the repeated thefts at his ranch, located in the suburb of Grand Cape (South West)

The Erard low for the newspaper "The Cape Times," "When I rush I get a phone call to say: sheep 1 and sheep 2 .. so forth, I understand this way of where the Start inspection because my farm spread over 750 hectares, stressing that thieves sheep are active too during the winter. They taking advantage of darkness or fog to do away with it.

Roy and educator who lives in Durbanville: "Last night the phone rang. Went out and checked the fence because they are usually baptized to cut the fence, but the situation was normal. But the phone continued resonance therefore confirmed that they were running. And finally found the place it was cut the fence."

Has taken this action after 40 of his sheep were stolen ten days ago and because of the inability of the police in front of this phenomenon confirms. The elements of the police either do not have mechanisms to navigate or lack of fuel or tires ... she was stolen!

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