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Rossi jumps from third floor to save his wife from robbers

روسي يقفز من الطابق الثالث لإنقاذ زوجته من اللصوص

Russian police officer was double the fractures in his feet, after jumping from the window of his apartment, third floor in a building in Moscow; to save his wife during an attack by thieves to steal it.

According to the agency, "Middle East News," was the officer who is an inspector police over Moscow had seen a group of thieves approaching his wife, which is on the way back to the house at night, then they attacked, beaten and kidnapped her handbag, rushed to her rescue by jumping from the window to the roof of the entrance then the building to the ground which led to serious fractures in his feet which are currently treated at a hospital in Moscow.

According to the news agency "Novosti" Russian police began an investigation into the incident and began a campaign to track down the thieves who managed to escape before being seen after a wounded wife received minor injuries in the head.

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