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British Catholic school 90% of its students .. Muslims

Catholic primary school was considered a British fact that 90% of pupils are Muslim, as representing a new reality for the Church of England of their respective owners.

The newspaper (Daily Express) on Monday, said that only 40 students out of school children Rmasa Catholic's 400 students belonging to Catholic Christianity.

She added that the primary school is located in an area populated largely by Muslim families, and works a lot of parents of children enrolled in the Muslim imams in the mosques, while living near each of these mosques.

The newspaper pointed out that the school principal, John Gopinz, followed by a program of the diocese of the Catholic religious education, and up to 15% of the volume of teaching hours per week, participating students in the plays of religion in Easter and Christmas and take some Muslim students role served as the altar in it.

And attributed to the Rev. Bernard Kelly, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the primary school and the priest of the Church of St. Teresa, saying that "the phenomenon of the high number of Muslim students represents a new reality for the church, parish and variable like all citizens in the neighborhoods of Muslims."

The Rev. Kelly "Most of the students in our school are Muslims and masters are happy to register them in a Christian school and participate in various religious celebrations such as Easter and Christmas."

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