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German police arrest a thief during his marriage contract

الشرطة الألمانية تلقي القبض على لص في أثناء عقد قرانه

German police have arrested a thief tied the knot during the Civil Marriage Office of the City of Bielefeld west of the country, which spoiled the joy of it, and rushed into the iron cage instead of the "golden cage".

The police in Bielefeld that "the thief who at the age of 24 years who hover around him a suspicion of committing crimes of robbery, he wanted to hold on one of the married women of the city and maintains wedding to the marriage of the men suddenly landed on the police and arrested him."

According to the police that "the man accused of committing a robbery in Greater London in December 2009."

One of the London court issued a warrant for his arrest and reported to the authorities of European countries. Police said that "there is a communication without signing arrived on the offender, and investigations have shown that the facts contained in the communication, but the police did not say anything Bielefeld details of the robbery."

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