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The death of a Nigerian man after sex with his wives practice the six at the same time!

وفاة رجل نيجيري بعد ممارسته الجنس مع زوجاته الست في نفس الوقت!

Nigerian man died after six wives forced him to have sex with them at the same time.

The newspaper «National Post» Nigerian Aruko Onoja in Benue State has taken to himself 6 wives after he became rich.

She noted that last week the man returned to his home and entered the room, the younger wife, but the five other women who are wives who had held a meeting broke into the room with knives and sticks to force him to have sex with them all of the younger even bigger.

Onoja have tried their resistance is that unable to do that, and stopped breathing after having sex with 4 of his wives and before that it's the role of the fifth.

The younger wife: my husband stopped breathing suddenly, and fled all of them, and be laughing, but when they saw I was unable to wake him fled into the jungle.

The police managed to arrest two of the wives so far and still searching for the rest.

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