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70 and remove the tumor from the face of China - Photos

إزالة 70 ورمًا من وجه صينية - صور

Conducted a hospital Chinese plastic surgery free mother and a Chinese poor her face was distorted with 70 tumor significantly, and after it was "me Hongfang", 40, to avoid appearing in public places after being infected with a rare form of bone cancer, caused the growth of tissues under the skin, and distortion of her features, it has become able to live life on the streets and show normally.

After that touched off the hook hearts all over the world, and exposed the health service crumbling in China on the world stage, the hospital in the city of Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province in northwest China, the implementation of the surgery, which costs usually 60 thousand pounds, free of charge.

Hongfang said: "I feel that my head lighter, and I certainly look better shape. I want to keep the great time of joy to the time that it will end up swelling the surgery. This can be the best gift to me. "

The chief surgeon Guo Hozhong the surgery, "Lee" was very successful, and later this year will lie under the scalpel again to remove the tumors in the skull, and nasal and throat pockets.
The "me" before she went to perform the operation: "I am very grateful to the people who made this happen. I just want to look normal again, as I feel at home, I'm not a monster, I do not want to sound like I'm a monster. "

The woman was "me," believed at the outset that the first swelling on her forehead, which appeared in 2001, the bite of an insect infected with a disease. And says this "There was not even itching or soreness in any way, but it also did not end, but taking grow up and grow up."
In 2005, underwent surgery to remove the tumor. However, it was not long before they show up more tumors on her face and was diagnosed as suffering from a tumor cord.

While it is one of the benign tumors, which means that their lives were not in danger, but her face soon became distorted and after a little self-imposed isolation did not appear in public places

At the beginning of July, underwent "me" surgery to remove the seven tumors from her face and came out of hospital a week ago, and can not be tens of millions of Chinese people, especially those who live in the countryside, access to the doctor or pay for treatment.

The officials discussed a program that aims to provide health insurance for all members of the Chinese people's roughly 1.3 billion people by 2020, but for the time being, the health system is located away from the needs of those who are supposed to be treated.

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