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American woman to commit suicide as she talks to her boyfriend over the phone!

أميركية تنتحر وهي تتحدث إلى حبيبها عبر الهاتف!

I contacted a young American on her boyfriend and talked to him about their intention to commit suicide while she was sitting on the railroad that came to train and fly them into.

According to the newspaper, "Detroit Free Press" that a young American in the 25-year-old from Michigan, she was talking to her boyfriend over the phone on its decision to commit suicide when the train bumped.

It quoted police as saying that the young, left a message with its intention to commit suicide.
City police chief, Daniel Grant, Wyandotte, "investigators found that attended to the place she was sitting on the railroad."

"Although the driver of the train bell several times but it was clear she did not intend to stay away."

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