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French newspaper published the first photos of "Ben Ali and his wife" in Saudi Arabia - Photos

صحيفة فرنسية تنشر أول صور لـ

Raised the dialogue published by French newspaper photographer of the deposed President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi yet their stability in the Kingdom of deep resentment among Tunisians.

The newspaper Aujourd'hui en France French (meaning "Today in France") on Sunday, with the dialogue photographs taken recently to Tunisian President and his wife, one of which Ben Ali and his wife dressed in fashion white and sunglasses, while some other woman wearing a headscarf and used a computer in a scene shows what live the life of luxury.

And expressed Trabelsi in the dialogue titled "Leila Ben Ali: I did not want to cause harm anyone" regrets what is happening in Tunisia, and some of what happened during the reign of President Ben Ali, denying at the same time you consider "rumors" were flying around and around her family during the reign of Zine El Abidine.

For their part, mocked activists on dialogue and pictures associated with it,  curses Ali Bin Ali and his wife, and critics a way of life the former president and his wife, luxury and appearance in perfectly, while the pains of the people for a living and the search for stability and security.

While some accused the "rulers of Carthage," the former continue to benefit from the funds looted by the Tunisian people during the reigns of the country, others scoffed at the "audacity" Leila Ben Ali and the audacity to continue to talk about herself and her husband and her family.

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