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Iranian court required a husband his wife donated 777 flower

محكمة إيرانية تلزم زوجاً بإهداء زوجته 777 زهرة

Often ask the wives of their husbands, their wives flowers BB, but "not the life of those who advocate", but an Iranian wife knew how to compel her husband on this.
The wife has resorted to the judiciary to achieve its desire to guide her to her husband, flowers, and indeed compelled the court dedicated from 777 flower.

According to the ISNA news agency (ISNA) that the wife "27 years" from Tehran, filed for divorce from her husband because he did not meet his promises to her before marriage dedicated from flowers on an ongoing basis.

It seems that the desire of the wife in the flowers then list some time ago, the wife wanted to be her dowry is the flowers.
According to Islamic law, the wife's request for the dissolution of a marriage if her husband did not have a dowry.

The Court emphasized that if the wife did not give her husband the 777 flower agreed they would insist on a divorce.
And supported the family court judge position is the wife and husband to buy flowers for his wife. Range values ​​of this quantity of flowers in Iran between 2500 to 3000 dollars, after the court ruling pulled the wife to divorce

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