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American man smashes a police patrol because he wants to go to jail!

أمريكي يحطم دورية تابعة للشرطة لأنه يريد الذهاب إلى السجن!

The oldest car to break down a police patrol in Florida, asking its members to arrest him because he wants to go to prison.

The newspaper quoted "Florida Sun Santanl" American Center for Manatee County Police, as saying that a man named Shakin Fleming (20 years) approached the police and put his hands behind his back, saying, "I would like to go to prison."

She said the man then went to the back of the police car and take the jump, causing damage estimated at $ 800.
The man asked, "Will you arrest me now?".

He was arrested the man who turned out to be not carrying his identity card but a document the birth and Social Security card.
Fleming said the police he wants to go to jail because he has something to play there, without giving more details

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