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Killed 14 shooting inside the cinema hall in America

Killed at least 14 people and wounded fifty others Friday when a gunman opened fire on a crowd inside the hall of the cinema in the state of Colorado to watch the premiere of the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight Raazz," according to police and the media. Witnesses spoke to local media for chaos within the film and they said the gunman fired tear gas and opened fire inside the crowded hall in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.

Dan Oates said Aurora police chief that ten people were killed in the scene and four others died later after being transferred to local hospitals. He added that the police stopped the suspect and that "no evidence" of a second gunman as media reported earlier. Dan Oates, added that the suspect claimed that the explosives in his house, adding that he was evacuated the apartment complex where he was staying and that is being searched.

He said police spokesman Frank Faina to CNN that "I am CNN that" the suspect in a century, was wearing a flak jacket and carrying a rifle, two pistols, he said it had fired a gas bomb of some kind, sparking panic among the audience in the hall. Aurora and close to where the sign Kulumbaan fire in 1999 inside the high school where 13 dead and 24 wounded.

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