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Parameter of an Indian school girl undressing in front of the entire Chapter

معلمة هندية تعرّي تلميذة أمام الفصل بأكمله

Security reports revealed that the Indian schoolgirl stripped in class by her teacher in West Bengal, after the teacher refused to dictate the conditions related to the school dress code according to the quoted Wayans.

In a school district located Gaegata faced public humiliation schoolgirl, after refusing orders for uniforms last Thursday. She said: "I did not wear uniforms supposed to wear Thursday by the laws of the school, so she Tnorca parameter to remove the entire front of the class." The girl's family then filed a complaint with the police.

For her part, the governing body at the school that parameter were subjected to interrogation, and vowed not to repeat such an act. The secretary of the governing body Basodib Ghosh: "I ​​have given an undertaking not to repeat it."

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