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Al Qaeda 'allocates a large cash prize to anyone who killed the U.S. ambassador in Yemen

Allocated "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" big cash prizes to those who kill the U.S. ambassador in Yemen or a American soldiers.

The organization said in a video titled "Jihad nation" published on auction sites, "We in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and incitement us on jihad and an encouragement to the Muslim nation and an expansion of the Department of Jihad our popular announce awards incentive: First prize: the amount of three thousand grams of gold (3 kg gold) to anyone who killed Jewish American ambassador in Sanaa, Gerald Feierstein. "

The organization also announced a second prize of five million Yemeni riyals (about 25 thousand dollars) to anyone who kills any U.S. troops in Yemen.

He concluded the organization call for the famous saying of the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, "Do not consult anyone in killing Americans."

On the other hand announced and the Yemeni Ministry of Defense on Saturday for the arrest of five "terrorists" in Sanhan capital Sanaa.

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