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Thieves steal Christmas gifts for the children of patients from a hospital in London

لصوص يسرقون هدايا عيد الميلاد لأطفال مرضى من مستشفى في لندن

Thieves stole Christmas gifts for sick children in the intensive care unit at a hospital in London.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) The hospital administration "Great Ormond Street" called police after losing 20 gift bought by charitable fund in the hospital, including electronic games, to be submitted for sick children on the occasion of Christmas.

She added that the London police after the investigation discovered that the gifts for sick children stolen from a special section in the hospital during the period from the fourteenth to the seventeenth of December / December.

And attributed to the police inspector, Neil Anderson, as saying that "stealing gifts prevent the disease from children to join their families at Christmas, you can not believe."

Anderson added, "We urge anyone who has information about the individual or individuals responsible call the police to recover the stolen gifts before Christmas."

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