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Pictures and video. Snow saves girl's body 500 years

Sky News Arabic
Found a team of archaeologists last month on the sound of a girl's body found that a 15-year-old, in Peru western South America, ice was saved well embalmed.

The scientists estimated that the girl froze more than 500 years, but the body back to the history of the Inca Empire, which originated in the South American continent, maintained their shape and sound features and her skin, and seemed full features.

The scientists do nuclear DNA genetic analysis of the girl to make sure her before burial, which actually turned out that it did not exceed 15 years.

It is noteworthy that the Inca civilization in Peru had known sacrificing children as one of the religious rituals have known as capacocha, where they are to choose the children with good health and are embalmed and buried in the mountains or sand, believing that it may obscure their torment and anger of the gods.

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