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British family and kicking the newborn female first in more than a century

Celebrated family in South Wales in Britain, the birth of a child, is the first female born in this family more than a century ago.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the child Ewen Gwyneth Jenkins, who was born last week, is the first female born to the family of Jenkins in Carmrthynchair town since 1909.

Emyr said, Eoin's father, said he was shocked when he discovered how rare the birth of a child in the family after the investigations conducted on the subject.

"After she was born we started talking about the subject, and after that verified family history shows us it's the first child 103 years ago."

Noteworthy that Emer boy older than Ewen.

The last female in the family and was born in October / October 1909 and named Sarah Olion Jenkins, a father's aunt Emer.

Grandpa said Howell Jenkins, said his father and uncle and the children of cousins ​​and their children did not have children yet only boys, only when Rizk son Emyr flowerpot.

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