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Egyptian journalist uses policeman and 11 of his friends to rape his wife!

صحفي مصري يستعين بشرطي و11 من أصدقائه لإغتصاب زوجته!

Region experienced Hawamdeya Egyptian Giza Governorate heinous crime, hired "news" a police representative and 11 of his friends to discipline his wife, to leave her home and request a divorce.

Wear defendants uniform cops, and drove to the home of the wife's family, and sham victim as required to investigate the prosecution, and then to provoke a house in the area grade, and sexually assaulted in the presence of the husband, and forced her to sign a trust receipts and the waiver of dues marital after divorce.

Dating events located when he received the Sheriff district police Hawamdia Giza Governorate tip from "housewife, 27 years old", it decided it was surprised when she saw two police officers and 11 enlisted personnel attending to her family home in Hawamdeya, and يخبرونها are required for achieving the Galatasaray prosecution, then surprised them took her to a house in the row, and there found her husband waiting for them inside the apartment, and discovered that the individuals who came to the home of friends of her husband, not from the police, and took turns to assault her, and raped her and forced her to sign a trust receipts, and demanded that she give up their dues after a divorce from her husband , and after conducting seekers left deport.

The pair admitted in the record that he was at odds with his wife, left on its impact on the home and refused to return and asked for a divorce, resorted to such trick to discipline, release a report on the incident and referred the defendants to the prosecutor for investigation

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