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Pentagon seeks to establish the largest spy network

Sky News Arabic
The Department of Defense announced the U.S. "Pentagon" ambitious plans to establish a new global spy network of hundreds of customers who will be deployed to various countries around the world.

If the check for the Pentagon plans new intelligence network it will be larger than their illustrious counterparts and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, "CIA," according to reports.

Under the project, referred to by the newspaper "Washington Post", the U.S. military officials would send hundreds of spies to various countries around the world.

The project provides for the restructuring and "shake" the Defense Intelligence Agency "DIN eh", and change the functions and activities related to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to become the nucleus of a new device.

When the project is completed, the new device will feature about 1,600 intelligence agent collecting information and data from various countries around the world, a figure that far exceeds the number of elements of the device current defense and intelligence who not more than several hundred customers.

As the new device may include a number of military and other supplements from undercover agents.

U.S. officials say that plans also include attracting a new generation of customers will CIA trained.

The new device will be subject to the supervision of the Joint Special Operations Command, but the Ministry of Defence is would be charged with specific tasks.

And will be "Islamic jihadist movements" in Africa and the transfer of weapons from North Korea, Iran, and the process of China's arms modernization a top priority for the new machine intelligence, according to the newspaper reported.

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