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Thousand dollars to escape from the "doomsday" in Russia

Hosts refuge Rossi was determined to secure the leaders Soviets in the event of a nuclear attack concert for 24 hours for Ross willing to pay a thousand dollars to buy a ticket to escape the end of the world that may come on Friday, according to the prophecies group "New Age" derived from the Mayan civilization.

The shelter is located No. 42 and is now tourist attraction at a depth of 56 meters under the ground in the center of Moscow near the Kremlin and can accommodate up to 300 people.

Said Alexey Pavlovsky, a tour guide at the shelter: "Many people will feel they are much quieter if they were able to spend this difficult day and they enjoy the greatest degree of comfort and safety." He added that there is interest in the concert, which will begin at midnight on December 20.

Said Pavlovsky The idea of ​​a concert in the sanctuary, which was built in 1959 and became a place of pilgrimage since 2006 came from visitors eager to celebrate the end of the world in the Mayan calendar and expected by their belief to be with Sunrise on Dec. 21, an event interpreted by some groups that the end of time.

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