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Mike Tyson: Brad Pitt had an affair with my wife before the divorce

تايسون: براد بيت كان على علاقة زوجتي قبل طلاقنا

Made boxer world Mike Tyson permission strange in his interview with Graham Bensinger, where he confirmed that he had discovered that his wife actress Robin Givens, was a sexual relationship star Brad Pitt, before their divorce shortly, where he continued married just one year, and got Givens on the amount of ten million dollars divorce settlement.

And bumped Mike a lot of fans remark, noted that the World boxer announced that he was going a day on the home of his ex-wife to have sex with her ​​before lawsuits between them.

Tyson was heavyweight champion of the world's largest in the eighties of the last century and is the youngest boxer to win the WBC and WBA trophies, but he was convicted in 1992 of raping a beauty queen Desiree Washington and spent three years in prison.

And his reputation suffered another jolt when the part of the ear-biting opponent Evander Holyfield still in the year 1997 to be left out and pause for boxing.

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