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Spread an image of a man police in the city of New York had given barefoot homeless man socks and shoes to cope with frost on the Internet very quickly, where the policeman became the butt of a stir on the Internet.

Has received a shot the soldier tourist Larry Di Primo 25-year-old kneel next to an unidentified man more than 430 thousand applause and admiration on the social networking site Facebook, which earned this good person good instant fame. De Primo said the channel «CBS News that he saw a man sitting on the side of the road in Times Square on a cold night falls on 14 of the month of November / November and entered him in a dialogue. After knowing the size men's shoes, went soldier de Primo to a nearby store and bought shoes suitable for all weather conditions and socks for heating private winter thanked the man homeless de Primo with a broad smile, said de Primo: «It seemed like you made ​​him a million dollars».

Source: dpa

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