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Video: duck .. Breathtaking by crossing the road left accompanied by their young

Video footage showed aired on YouTube dramatic and frightening moments to lead their young duck to cross a highway where these birds are close to "suicide" of death more than once.

Capture video camera from a helicopter on the fifth of September to a highway consisting of five tracks in the Canadian city of Toronto, which is the road that was the scene of a number of fatal accidents due to the number of cars that crossed very quickly.

Mother duck expressed during the crossing, according to what appeared in the video leading role brave and heroic, where organized cross pups track after another, and after the completion of each stage brings young and give them a badge starting to cross the other path.

The Ducks survived more than once wheeled run over speeding cars, and was more serious that the young were flying by the wind left behind by each car after passing what made ​​the task more difficult.

Minutes after dramatic exceeded Ducks five tracks and full family arrived safely under the guidance of the duck mother who was like a strategy applied pre-prepared to cross the road.

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