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Song "Gangnam Style" kill British!

Received the song "Gangnam Style" worldwide success, and dance everybody dance horse of their own, but entered this song heart Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, could not only be carried out by dance horse in front of the cameras, but this was the song was a final blow to citizen The British wanted him dead.

The newspaper published life story about the death called "immune Kilbride" a British citizen at the age of 46 years at a gala birthday of a friend, the incident occurred in the state of Lancashire British after what was immune lead dance "horse" famous with his comrades, but surprised everyone when fell to the ground after completing the dance.

His wife repeatedly tried to wake him but he did not respond, and ambulance arrived and took him to a hospital, "Blackburn" and Eamon died in hospital following a heart attack, according to a family doctor.

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