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Thief robs a bank in Britain "banner"!

لص يسرق بنكاً في بريطانيا بـ

Income thief to bank "NatWest" in "Greater Manchester" British quietly, and went on to an employee exchange, then remove a banner reading "Achch .. Push 5 thousand pounds in silence or were you shot", and quietly gave him the employee two thousand pounds, then went out of the bank without a word, to be prosecuted later, through dyes security money.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" British, the robbery occurred on the bank "NatWest" in the city "Salford" in "Greater Manchester" in the North West of England.
According to the paper: Police believe that the thief was not carrying a weapon, and will not be able to enjoy the money, because of the security ink.

And interpreted the police that by saying: Investigators believe that the money taken thief, booby-trapped with "pigments" security interact once for any person touching money, where filled his hands and clothes ink, and is easily identified by, and police confirmed that the thief threw some money on the sidewalk nearby when she began his fingers pick up the ink.

Police said: I've picked up a camera circuit television image of the thief, were printed and broadcast to search for it.

Police demanded the witnesses testify that they noticed people on his hands pigments.

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