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American woman leaves $ 20 million gift for a garden and a library

أمريكية تترك 20 مليون دولار هبة لحديقة ومكتبة

In a gesture is the first of its kind the U.S. decided Mary McConnell Bailey left $ 20 million gift to the New York Public Library, and Park "Central Park."

The media reported that American Bailey, who died at the age of 88 years old in 2011, she lived in a simple apartment after her husband's death in World War II, without to give birth to boys, and volunteered at a hospital and a number of schools.

The friendly woman's inner and neighbor Lizin Stoll, that Bailey did not say never before anything about her wealth, and her simple were not indicate the richness, adding "It was a secretive very concerned about all this," has received New York Public Library and the Department of Maintenance Garden "Central Park "recently, 10 million dollars each as a gift from Bailey after her death.

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