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Ashley Madison

Rush of a large number of Brazilians on the site, "Ashley Madison" website which offers them a chance to online dating new people if they feel weary in their married life.

Since it launched this site in Brazil 15 months ago, he was able to attract about one million people, and the introduction of this South American country, which includes 194 million people to the list of major markets enjoyed by the Canadian company responsible for the site.

The site has been created, "Ashley Madison" mail 10 years ago and is available today in 24 countries and includes 8 million members in the United States and 6 million members in Canada, and achieved the highest rates of growth and profitability material in Brazil thanks to the huge number of customers who showed figures that 70% of them are men.

Eduardo Borges says, a company representative in Brazil famous samba dance: "Brazilians tend greatly to the fun, and they also love technology and communication and meet new people."

And Brazil has about 980 million Internet users and is considered one of the first countries in the world in terms of the use of social networks such as "Facebook and Twitter."

The Burgess Brazilian openness to technology does not encourage infidelity, but believes them alternative opportunities to betray their partners "in a proper way."
The site is based on a strategy for marketing activity, using examples of well-known cases of treason, such as betrayal by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Prince Charles for their wives.

Says Burgess: "We started in Brazil in late August / August 2011. Expected to join 500 thousand Internet users to the site within one year, but we Astqtabna more than 800 thousand people, and Snkhttm 2012 with more than million members, a number beyond our expectations way ahead" .

It is expected that the profit of the site, which includes 170 million members worldwide $ 120 million this year, but Burgess refused to identify the proportion of profits generated by the site in Brazil.

The site was founded "Ashley Madison" by focusing on women and giving them priority, a site Vantsabehn to interview men free, but men, they have to pay money so they can send e-mails or chat.

The site uses points instead of monthly enrollment fee, if someone wants to associate him have a conversation with a member of another, he has to pay five points to start the conversation. After that, each additional message becomes free between the two members.

The cost of the package consisting of 100 points, which allows a man to call twenty woman $ 25, says a associate he has been married for 21 years and he joined the site in March and bought 4,000 points, adding, "spent more than I wanted, but I managed to contact some women and the establishment of Alaqtin Aabertin . was a good experience. "

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the start of the "Ashley Madison" was launched in Brazil the program website brings to affiliated funds in the event was not able to adventure and at least one, and Burgess says: "Even today, did not ask for a restoration of his money."

And refers David Banoliel, a vice president of the company in Latin America, that people in the region are receptive to the idea well "despite the social and religious taboos many."

The officials of the company that treason is the ideal solution to save the marriage, Burgess says: "The recent marriage was less, but you do not want a divorce, you will find what you are looking for us."

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