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Instagram "sell" depicts users

Raised "Instagram" for sharing photos over the Internet, who idolized, controversy again on how much users must abandon of privacy, to live and participate in a world awash in social media.

The owned Instagram service Facebook has raised doubts this week it will sell images users after I checked the conditions of service.

Legal experts say the consumer rights defenders forced Instagram apply for a new set of Terms of Use claimed for itself some of the rights that practically unheard of among their counterparts in the means of social communication.

And in front of users who refuse the new privacy policy for Instagram month to cancel their accounts, otherwise they would be bound by the new requirements. In the wake of the settlement of a lawsuit involving Facebook and privacy issues added Instagram conditions to protect itself from similar lawsuits.

Experts say that the amended terms reflect a new strict control over the rights of users.

Said Jay Adelson, a partner in the firm Adelson Maguire Law Firm in Chicago, "This completely uncharted territory. If Instagram want to encourage the lifting of the largest possible number of lawsuits and the greatest possible reactions against it would have succeeded."

And pave the new policies for Instagram entering into force on 16 January for the company to begin collecting income from the ads give marketers the right to view photos and other personal information in the ads.

And created new conditions that allow the advertiser to pay for Instagram money for "Show your user name and your photos (as well as any data accompanying) free of charge" a barrage of complaints on the Web Tuesday users angry Jana Instagram for funds from materials they downloaded.

The uproar prompted the company to write a lengthy comment on her blog "to clarify" the changes and said its president executive Kevin Sestrum said the company has no current plans to enter the users' images in ads.

The Instagram declined to comment other than what was published on her blog and who has failed to calm the critics, including National Geographic, which suspended new posts on Instagram.

The site allows Instagram users to the 100 million people sharing photos. Facebook acquired on Instagram in September compared to $ 715 million.

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