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Deprive children of Beckham fame of the study

Witnessed the efforts of the family of David and Victoria Beckham to settle in Britain setback after it refused to receive important school their children for fear of their fame and their impact on other students.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British family Beckham looking for a home and a school suitable for children of three, was the choice fell on a school known charge annually over 27 thousand dollars, but the request was denied because of famous family, and made ​​it clear that David and Victoria Beckham impressed very this school because it fit with all what they want with their American experience, but officials refused to receive the boys because their fame and the lights hanging them require the imposition of greater security guard may affect other students.

She noted that the school feared much of the attention drawn by the presence of children Beckham, The family decided to return to Britain after years spent in Los Angeles.

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