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Found checks worth U.S. $ 500 million in the Buraq Wall

Found on hundreds of checks worth almost half a billion dollars Wednesday in circumstances near the Buraq Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem on what the company announced that manages the site.

A statement by the institution "Costly Buraq Wall" in charge of the Wailing Wall "One honest bystander who was found on the envelope which contains 507 checks respect the law and handed over to the police station where the owner can go to extradite."

The Jewish tradition calls for believers to put pieces of paper in the Buraq Wall, write down their wishes and their hopes. The wall is a remnant of the second Jewish Temple which was destroyed by the Roman armies of Titus in the year 70 BC.

He said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP that "the envelope containing checks the value of each and every one of them about a million dollars has been handed over to the Department of Lost and Found" in the police.

"We verify the source of checks and it seems authentic," adding that these documents signed correctly sourced from several countries.

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