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Image naked deposited U.S. prison 10 years

U.S. court ruled to ten years in prison, the right of a man from Florida skyrocket convicted of spying on celebrities, and their e-mail hacking.

Prosecutors said Christopher Chaney (36 years old) stole nude photos, manuscripts and personal information from e-mail accounts for about 50 figure in the entertainment industry, including actresses Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and singer Christina Aguilera.

And adjust the FBI Chaney during the past year within the investigations into electronic attacks targeting individuals associated with the entertainment industry.

Chaney apologized when he was arrested in October / October 2011, and said: "I'm sorry for him is that I dragged my mother to this trouble, as well as my family and my neighbors .. they just want to live their lives."

He said he became "addicted" to infiltrate computers and "did not know how to stop."

And dissemination Chaney nude photos of the star Scarlett Johansson on the Internet last year.

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