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Photos ..Messi appears with his son Thiago for the first time in the streets of Barcelona

Noon Barcelona star Lionel Messi in a public stroll in the streets of Barcelona, ​​where focused on the Spanish media filming their every move for Messi with his family and his son Tiago, who was born on November 2 last year.

His father toured Messi - 25 years - in the streets of Barcelona pregnant son Tiago in his arms and next to his girlfriend Antonella where he began Barcelona star at the top of his happiness never ceased to kiss his son throughout the public hiking with his family.

Argentine live better days after overcoming German legend Gerd Muller and become more player scoring goals in one year.

And Lionel Messi continued to break records after leading Barcelona to victory was expected away victory at Cordoba with two goals on Wednesday in the first leg of the first knockout round Spanish King's Cup football.

It should be noted that Thiago is the first child for the star Lionel Messi, the best player in the world, with Antonella, and Argentinian star student, a relationship that began since 2008, engaged people together since childhood.

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