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Internationalist approach to the removal of the weapons Gaddafi

Stockpiles of weapons in Libya had been looted (Reuters - Archive)

Diplomats at the United Nations said yesterday that the Security Council may make a decision today on the project, which calls for the transitional authorities in Libya to take action to get rid of the huge stockpiles of weapons collected by the late Libyan ColonelMuammar Gaddafi.

And Russia submitted a draft resolution urging the new Libyan authorities to take "all necessary steps to prevent the spread of all weapons and related materials of all kinds."

The Council considered the draft resolution on Thursday calling for Tripoli to protect themissiles land - air Carried on the shoulder and ammunition and all kinds of weapons.

The draft resolution also warns that the missiles land - atmosphere "could support terrorist activities, including the activities of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb."

According to the draft resolution should be on Tripoli to cooperate closely with theOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, "in order to destroy their stockpiles of chemical weapons."

The President of the United Nations Mission to Libya Ian Martin warned the Security Council last Wednesday of the looting of the huge stockpiles of rockets during the conflictthat took place between the rebels and the forces of Gaddafi.
He added that the air strikes launched by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) destroyed thousands of rockets, but many of them looted, along with some ammunition and mines.
He pointed out that the Qaddafi regime's largest collection of well known stocks of missiles, pointing out that there is a need for international organizations immediately searched hundreds of sites suspected weapons caches.
Martin said before the Security Council in New York that "large quantities of stocks of ammunition and unexploded ordinance after the Sirte and Bani Walid need immediate attention."
He also pointed out that it was storing weapons in hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods in the capital, Tripoli, after being carried by Qaddafi's troops there to avoid NATO air raids.
The commander of the joint air operations Marshal British Suart Bish on Thursday that his country is determined to prevent the missing weapons from stockpiles Muammar Gaddafi from falling into the wrong hands.
He pointed out that the United Kingdom stands together with experts from the United States and the Interim Authority in Libya in the search for missiles and other weapons left behind by the Qadhafi regime.
The UK government said earlier this week that a team of British experts to help deal with the issue of surface - atmosphere and small arms that have disappeared from stockpiles of weapons.
It is believed that Libya had owned about 20 thousand of these missiles in its arsenal before the revolution, which began in March / March.
There are strong fears that thousands of them became lost, and can end up in the hands of "terrorists."
Source: Agencies


Algeria refused to hand over Gaddafi's family

A composite picture of the Sons of Gaddafi left to right: Mohammed and Aisha Hannibal (Jazeera)

The Algerian government has decided not to extradite the Libyan family of the murdered Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya or any other country, she will not negotiate on their situation only with the United Nations, according to the newspaper Le Soir d'Algerie Algeria, citing an unnamed source familiar with.
The newspaper said, quoting a source that Algeria does not intend at all to the delivery of family-Gaddafi of Libya or the other. The source pointed out that "Algeria has accepted to receive members of the Gaddafi family for humanitarian reasons only, and nothing has changed in this regard, in particular, and that all the world saw how he had killed Gaddafi's brutal way last Thursday."
The source stressed that "Algeria is a sovereign and has a tradition and we can not endanger the lives of people who are under our protection at risk, it is a matter of honor."
He said that Algeria since the first day moved in the framework of legitimacy through the report to the Secretary General of the United Nations and UN Security Council and the Transitional National Assembly to receive the Libyan Qadhafi family. The source said that Gaddafi's family is now in the establishment of confidentiality and under strict protection.
This position comes in response to demand in the Executive Office of the President of the Transitional National Assembly, Mahmoud Jibril, Algeria, Libya handed over Gaddafi's family.
Algeria has received on August 29 / August Gaddafi's wife Safiya and his daughter, Aisha, and his two sons Mohammed and Hannibal with their children.

Source: UPI

Floods threaten North Bangkok

Flood waters inundated some of the main streets north of Bangkok (French)
Thai authorities have warned a number of neighborhoods north of the capital Bangkok, the likelihood of flooding and access to their areas and urged residents to prepare for the worst, including the evacuation of homes with more indicators rising flood waters.
Has confirmed the official sources and media in Thailand on Monday that the level of flood waters reached up concern within a kilometer from the Temple of the "Grand Palace" in the famous city of Bangkok old since Sunday after a high level of the Chao Phraya River - which runs the heart of the capital, densely populated - to the part top of the barriers.
The Prime Minister has expressed Aangluck Hinaoatr Sunday, told media concern about the widespread flooding in regions XI and Don Muang north of Bangkok, warning that the level of flooding could rise in some areas to about one meter.
She added that it is not possible to predict how long the water will stay in Bangkok, but stressed that the competent authorities will work to keep the fast transport routes open, and to protect drinking water systems, sewage and power plants and sensitive facilities.

The risk of crocodilesIn the north of Bangkok, Nonthaburi Province, authorities have warned residents to travel at night after finding a 2.5-meter-long crocodile in the area Sunday, and is poised deputy in the parliament and the presence of crocodiles after another flooded my farm crocodiles crocodile Thoian 20.

It also flooded the University, "Thammasat" in the northern suburbs of Bangkok, and rose about 70 centimeters, has reached a height in the inner part of the campus - which uses the shelter - to about 20 centimeters, which hampered rescue efforts and provide assistance to the center, which needs more food and drinking water for more than 3,500 people were evacuated by the addition of 600 employees working in it.

It is noteworthy that the measures taken by the authorities to divert flood waters to the Gulf of Thailand succeeded in averting an imminent threat to Bangkok, but the likelihood of heavy rainfall in the channels already in place is full of large areas of the north of the capital of eight million people under threat again.
The increasing health problems and was taken by the Minister of Health of Thailand and Atia Bourinasiri on Saturday saying that he had been reported 720 thousand medical condition associated with flooding flooding to parts of the country, were treated about one hundred thousand people were nervous.
Damage and lossesAnd damaged more than two and a half a million people by the floods could increase this number significantly became apparent extent of the damage in the north of Bangkok, noting that more than 40 of the 78 provinces in Thailand have been severely damaged, including seven industrial areas was staffed by about 400 thousand workers flooded that stretched to nearly a third of the country.
The floods killed 356 people, the displacement of 113 thousand people at least were transferred to more than 1700 Center for temporary shelter, while The Ministry of Labour to be about 650 thousand workers in the industry are no resource because of the damage to the industrial zones in flooded areas .
The Thai Central Bank estimated the economic value of damages nearly two billion dollars, ie 0.6% of gross domestic product and in a report submitted to the government at a previous meeting held to assess the repercussions of the disaster that is the worst in the history of Thailand since fifty years.

 Citizens have what they could from their personal belongings after leaving their homes in northern Bangkok (French)

Source: Agencies

French military intervention in Somalia

Shabaab fighters engaged in a battle open with Kenyan forces (Al-Jazeera - Archive)

Kenya revealed that the Western forces - are likely to be French - launched attacks onpositions of the Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia, the first Western military intervention in this country for nearly two decades.

The Kenyan army in a statement that the French navy bombed Saturday night near thetown of Kodai-Shabaab stronghold of Kismayo in the south.

For his part, said military spokesman said a Kenyan partners, Western Kenya - likely to be the United States or France - was behind the air strikes took place during the last daysand led to the deaths of a number of al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

One diplomat said - Nairobi-based to him - last week that France launched military attacksin Somalia, which was denied by French officials in Paris, while not suspended and news agencies and the French press on this development in the field.

He denied two senior U.S. officials in Washington on Sunday that U.S. military forces orthe CIA was involved in launching air strikes in Somalia in recent days.

He said one of officials say that the Kenyan troops managed to disperse the militants and leaders of the movement of young people, making them "easy targets".


The News reports that the fighters are believed to be Kenyan military launched air strikeson the violent port city of Kismayo after the Sunday afternoon, two unmanned targetpopulation located between the port of Kismayo and the international petroleum reservoirsprecedent.

Did not result in any damage to the aerial bombardment of human existence and notcivilians or fighters during the attack, the first since the control of the Mujahideen Youth Movement of Kismayo in August / August 2008.

The latest aerial bombardment of civilians in shock, while the Somali observers saw that a strong indicator of escalating clashes between the Kenyan government and the movement of young people.

It is noteworthy that the Kenyan air launched during the past two weeks, heavy shelling of cities and villages located in the state of Lower Juba, including Qoghani and Tapto and Ras Kamboni.

The Kenyan government has admitted that its troops incursion deep into Somali territory, a distance of 100 km to fight Shabaab.

On the other hand threatened to move the battle to a depth of Kenya in response to theforces seized the Kenyan Somali cities strategy.

Source: Island Press The Associated Press U.S.

Transitional decide Gaddafi hand over the body to his family

Gaddafi's body will be returned to the cooling unit in the market, which was the old Misurata before autopsy (French)
He said the Transitional National Assembly that he will hand over the body of the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to his relatives. Reuters quoted a doctor involved in the autopsy that his death was caused by a bullet. Despite the passage of three days for the killing of Gaddafi, the Libyan still celebrate the event.
The doctor added that the autopsy report will be submitted to the Attorney General, stressing that all matters relating to the nature of death is hidden and will not reveal anything.
This came after forensic specialists participated in the autopsy Gaddafi, who was killed last Thursday to identify the cause of death. And carried out the autopsy at the morgue in the capital city of Misurata east of Tripoli.
Local officials said that Gaddafi's body will be returned now to the refrigeration unit in the old market, Misurata, which were presented to the public body with his son Mu'tasim last few days.
The director of the Al Jazeera office in Tripoli, Abdel-Azim Mohammed has stated time prior to the International Criminal demanded for its part, not to bury the body of Gaddafi until found by a medical team from the court to make sure they belong to Colonel in order to close the case of Gaddafi because he was required to have.
And in the bequest attributed to him could not be verified, Gaddafi recommended to bury his body in a cemetery I walked next to his family and urged the continuation of the resistance after him.

The celebrations were organized in the popular city of Misurata Freedom Square to express their joy at the end of the era of the rule of the Colonel who say their rule with iron and fire.
At the same time the rebels held the city of Misurata some five hundred of al-Gaddafi, captured during the fighting. The rebels continue their search for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Ceremonies in Benghazi
On the other hand thousands of rebels returned to the city of Benghazi after participating in the resolution of the Battle of Sirte, which represented the last stronghold of al-Qadhafi.And received the people of Benghazi columns cars rebels shouting and waving flags and flowers, and the children spray perfumed water on the crowd.

The number of the rebels for their happiness the end of the fighting and allow them toreturn to their normal lives, and they said they had agreed to assemble the weapon.

This came at a time where violent protests of the wounded rebels, who accuse the National Council of the slowdown in the treatment. President of the Council has pledged toMustafa Abdul Jalil that the wounded receive a special attention.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

Attributed the commandment of Gaddafi calls for burial in Sirte

Gaddafi in the morgue Misurata (Al-Jazeera)
Recommended that the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the late Will attributed to him could not confirm that figure, his body was buried in a cemetery I walked next to his family and urged the continuation of the resistance after him.
The site said "Seven Days News" news, the pro-Gaddafi yet on Facebook, it took over the commandment of Gaddafi by on October 17 / October in his last days in Sirte on the safe side to him and handed it to three people, one of whom died The last in captivity and survived the third.
The site that Gaddafi began his will Quranic verse mentioned certificates and recommended not to be washed and buried in accordance with teachings of Islamic law in his clothes, which die in the tomb of Sirte "next to the national and my family." And demanded that his family deal, "especially its women and children treated well."
He called Gaddafi, who was killed after his arrest in the city of Sirte on Thursday in his will, the Libyan people to preserve the "identity and their achievements, history and image of his ancestors and heroes supervisor, and not recognizing the sacrifices of Ahrarh and Okhiarh .. and continue to resist any foreign aggression suffered by the Libyan Now or tomorrow and always. "
As Gaddafi said that he must "trust the Liberals in the Libyan and the world we can trade our cause and get a personal life safe and stable and we've got many offers, but we chose to be in confrontation and duty and honor, and even if you do not win soon, we will give a lesson win by generations to come, because the choice of home is a home tournament and the sale of the betrayal is the history will not be able to write other no matter how they tried to forge. "
Gaddafi concluded the commandment against him, saying that "a salami to my family one by one and to the public and to all the faithful of the world who have supported us, even if their hearts."

Source: German

Population growth threatens the earth's resources

Analysts said that the earth's resources which suffer from now with seven billion people in the world, will face the pressure is unbearable when the number will increase to nine billionby 2050 as expected, considering that a revolution in energy use, water and land is the only one that could allow to avoid the disaster.

On 31 October / October will exceed the current world population is officially the threshold of seven billion people, an increase of two billion people in less than 25 years.

May stabilize the world population of nine billion or ten billion, or up to 15 billion people, according to the evolution of the situation in developing countries that register the highest growth rate at present demographic.

With the increase in the number of the world's population is under fresh water resources, soil, seas and forests to great pressure.

If the current pace, it should be the availability of another planet by the year 2030 to meet the needs and absorb the waste of our planet, according to calculations Network "GlobalNetwork Votbrant" (to GFT).

The head of the network Gakirnagal Katas "our economies are now facing the reality ofour spending for many years more than allowed by our means, from the dramatic rise in the prices of food commodities to the harmful effects of climate change."

Rio +20 ConferenceFrench diplomat confirms Brice Lalonde, a coordinator of the next UN Conference on Sustainable Development in June, "Rio +20" (Twenty years after the Earth Summit in 1992) by saying, "in 2030 with an additional billion people on the ground, it will be the question: how to ensure food security and provide basic services to the additional one billion poor people without the need for more energy, water and land. "
He adds: Conference "Rio +20" will be dedicated to discuss ways to establish sustainable cities and the promotion of renewable energy resources and better use of water and management of the oceans in a sustainable manner and to make agriculture more productive without excessive use of chemical pesticides.
However, the defenders of sustainable development are considered to act at the level of fertility rates allows to keep the world's population up to eight billion people, with the help of poor countries at the same out of their poverty, and reduce pressure on natural resources and arming the human better to counter the effects of climate change.
Some experts believe that the key can be in control of births, while the Catholic Church and other religious groups opposed to the absolute opposition.
The director of the American Research Center and the Woodrow Wilson Somalia is actually an example of the effects of the human cost in a country that enjoyed by women in any way to prevent pregnancy.
And is expected to increase the number of the Somali population that live on the impact of civil war for years, ten million people with an average seven children per woman, up to 22.6 million by 2050. A third of the children of this country from acute malnutrition for a long time, according to UNICEF.
Economists think that the solution in the corresponding first pass through the lower levels of poverty and improve education especially among women.

Source: French

The rule of drunk three players sent off

Czech police intervened in a match to check out the local wine to match the rule, which collapsed several times the excess of alcohol, and the expulsion of three players without any good reason.

The Karel Dusík, an official at the club Asturabi Lotta for a local newspaper, that the sentence (drunk) did not hide his participation in a gala birthday people before his match,and that he was smelling of beer (wine).

During the match, stained shirt rule Theuamas Vedra mud after falling several times on the ground, and the expulsion of three players from the team in its match against AsturabiTinetth nad Labem.

Despite the expulsion Asturabi decided to continue the game with eight players, but onlyjust attack without defense, and Dusik said that if his team refused to continue to presentto the death, surprisingly, there is no law prevents the government from the leadership ofthe game is screwed.

However, the competent local authority decided to cancel the football match which ended1-1 at the basis of the outcome of sporting spirit.

And faces, which were very high percentage of alcohol in his body when reviewed by the police, the death of up to prevent him from arbitration in the games for a year.

Source: French

Dutch Ashq to Egypt alive and dead

Luxor tourist destination and a tourist attraction in Egypt (European - Archive)

Over twenty years maintained a Dutch citizen to visit the city of Luxor approximately every two months, and when the hair approaches the home chose him to embrace his body.

Has always been the Kwando Phuket (72 years) is due to visit Egypt keen that he can notbear parting her family more than two months, and he was in Luxor that he has a family, a family, waiting Welcome and happy existence among them.

Once the hair near the end of Phuket, the so-term quick return to Luxor whererecommending buried where he died at his home west of Luxor on Sunday, and has his wife Dennett and his friends to complete the procedures buried in the tombs of the city'stourist Commonwealth.

The wife said she would remain in her husband's house west of Luxor throughout her life,and it is recommended to bury him on the soil of the land of Luxor beloved by as much aslove her husband.

Source: German

Hamas to Israel: Editors red line

Mahmoud Zahar, resistance is able to respond as quickly to the threats of Israel (the island- Archive)

Warned a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Mahmoud Zahar, Tel Aviv prejudice to the prisoners exchange deal editors.

And vowed - in remarks to reporters in Gaza - that "the resistance factions are able to respond as quickly and by appropriate means" in the case of any prejudice to the IsraeliPalestinian prisoners.

Zahar played down the importance of Israeli threats to target prisoners of editors in the exchange deal, considering that these threats come in the context of minimizing the loss oflarge occupation suffered by the high price paid for free soldier Gilad Shalit.

He added that these threats also reveal the size of bankruptcies experienced by the achievements of the occupation to the Palestinian resistance, which forced him to sign thedeal, according to its terms.

Zahar ruled out any military escalation against Israel to the Gaza Strip, the next phase, warning that any escalation "would face strong reactions from the Arab region as a whole, led by Egypt."

Cairo was recently sponsored the first phase of the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel to ensure the release of Shalit in exchange for Palestinian prisoners1027.

Source: DBA + and agency, the Middle East

Referred 67 of the State Security Court in Egypt

Forty of the defendants have precedents (Al Jazeera)
And approved by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Counselor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud referred 76 people to the Supreme State Security Court on charges related to an emergency attack on the Saudi Embassy in Cairo and the Giza Security Directorate nearby.
The news agency said the Middle East, he said a former police officer accused of living abroad named Omar Afifi, although the charge against him is the incitement to violence, which was sent to the Saudi embassy and the Giza Security Directorate.
On several occasions called for a page on Facebook under the name Omar Afifi protesters attacked military bases and government buildings in Egyptian cities.
Attributed to the prosecution and the other defendants in the case of interest to all assembly and the use of force and violence with public officials and the infringement of the officers and members of the police and try to occupy the Giza Security Directorate building by force and destruction of public property and the deliberate destruction of private funds to implement what it called a terrorist purpose.
The agency said it turned out that among the 40 indicted defendants have precedents in the indictment and criminal cases registered by the threat to the existence of three accused of events.
CaseAnd the demolition of hundreds of angry protesters on 9 September / September before the wall was a prestigious apartment building overlooking the Cairo Nile includes the Israeli embassy and broke into an apartment belonging to the Embassy of the papers and threw them in the air.
Later, protesters tried to storm the Saudi embassy nearby and they set fire to police cars near the Giza Security Directorate.
And killed three people were shot dead in clashes between protesters and troops from the civilian police and military police.
And killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds of others in the work of political and sectarian violence since the overthrow of former President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising last February after a 30-year rule.
And the courts of the Supreme State Security Emergency courts are the exceptional work of the emergency law which demands that Egyptian activists and politicians to stop work.

Source:  Reuters

Chicago sit-in arrests and resolution of Sydney

Semi-permanent clashes between police and supporters of the demonstrations, "occupied the Wall Street" (Reuters - Archive)

Police said the American in Chicago they had arrested about 130 protesters, belonging to the movement of "occupied the Chicago" after went to a garden city, in solidarity with the movement of "occupied Wall Street," as police broke up a camp set up by the Australiananti-capitalist activists in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Explain Robert Perez of the city's police, that about 1,500 demonstrators gathered in the garden of Grant Park, which was summoned by the police to warn them and notify them to leave the place or being arrested for violating a resolution setting a date for closure ofmunicipal park in the eleventh hour.

The response of most of the demonstrators with police instructions, but a small groupdecided to stay They were arrested.

Peres said "I did not get a big problem, have cooperated most of the demonstrators who were arrested."

In parallel, the Australian police early Sunday dispersed camp set up by anti-capitalistactivists near the Central Bank of Australia in Sydney.

And occupies the activists of the "occupied the Wall Street" since 17 September /September Square in the financial district in New York, to condemn the excessescommitted by the economists of the world and growing inequality.

Source: French

Hundreds of deaths and new shocks Turkey

Earthquake inflicted hundreds of casualties and missing persons (French)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he had confirmed the deaths of at least 93 people in the heart of the city and 45 in the Arges by the earthquake that struck south-east Turkey. The new aftershocks struck the region, including one of 5.1 magnitude.
This brings the death toll was officially declared them to 138 people, with an injury between 500 and 600 in addition to nearly 400 missing in the rubble.
In the meantime, its aftershocks hit 5.1 degrees Turkey on Sunday night, hours after the powerful earthquake that left hundreds dead and wounded.
The earthquake struck southeastern Turkey late Sunday, hours after the exposure of Erges town, 100 km north of the earthquake magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale and caused the collapse of many buildings and killing or wounding hundreds of others.
The U.S. Geological Survey that the center of the aftershock located 20 km to the west of the north-west of the city at a depth of 9.6 kilometers.
Researchers also recorded in the geological sciences in Germany a number of aftershocks of the violent earthquake.
Said seismologist Gottfried Berger Lore from the center of the German city of Potsdam Geological Research "detected through a network of six German seismic aftershocks reached 4.5 degrees of strength and one measuring 5.6 degrees in addition to one magnitude 6 on the Richter scale."
Laure said that it expected other earthquakes in Turkey, "All comes after a major earthquake aftershocks, and the disciples to not shake or two, but thousands of tremors, and this will continue for a long time."
The earthquake that struck eastern Turkey strongly more than 7 on the Richter scale caused the collapse of many apartment buildings and office buildings. The observatory is expected earthquakes in Istanbul that the number of victims of the earthquake death toll to more than a thousand people.

Refused to helpMeanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Sunday that Ankara rejected the offer of assistance provided by Israel after the earthquake in south-eastern Turkey.
He also held Israeli President Shimon Peres, a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul during which the killing of citizens condolences Turks violent earthquake.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry official said that his country had not yet asked for international help after a powerful earthquake that occurred in southeastern Turkey on Sunday.
The official said that Turkey had received offers of help from dozens of countries, including Israel, and has failed so far to accept help from all of them.
The Israeli-Turkish relations very tense in the wake of Israel's refusal to apologize to Turkey for killing nine militants Turks and injuring dozens of others to intercept the Freedom Flotilla Turkey to break the siege on Gaza in May / May last year, and Turkey responded by reducing the level of diplomatic representation between the two countries.
Turkey was the first countries that provided aid to Israel to extinguish a massive fire broke out in the jungles of the Caramel Mountains near Haifa in December / January after it was discovered that Israel does not have the capacity to put out the fire, which prompted many countries to provide aid. Several years ago Israel provided aid to Turkey following the earthquake.
Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States following the news of earthquake in Turkey with great concern and is ready to provide assistance, Obama said in a written statement "stand shoulder to shoulder with our ally Turkey at this difficult time and are ready to assist the Turkish authorities."

Source: Agencies

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