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Win one million dollars and died a day later

After less than 24 hours on receiving the news of winning one million dollars in the lottery, U.S. died "Khan Orog" aged 46 years before he received the award age.


Dutch Ashq to Egypt alive and dead

Luxor tourist destination and a tourist attraction in Egypt (European - Archive)

Over twenty years maintained a Dutch citizen to visit the city of Luxor approximately every two months, and when the hair approaches the home chose him to embrace his body.

Has always been the Kwando Phuket (72 years) is due to visit Egypt keen that he can notbear parting her family more than two months, and he was in Luxor that he has a family, a family, waiting Welcome and happy existence among them.

Once the hair near the end of Phuket, the so-term quick return to Luxor whererecommending buried where he died at his home west of Luxor on Sunday, and has his wife Dennett and his friends to complete the procedures buried in the tombs of the city'stourist Commonwealth.

The wife said she would remain in her husband's house west of Luxor throughout her life,and it is recommended to bury him on the soil of the land of Luxor beloved by as much aslove her husband.

Source: German

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