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Indecent assault minor daughter and fathered her two children

هتك عرض ابنته القاصر وأنجب منها طفلين

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Kenyan police have arrested the parents of the tenth daughter and fathered her two children and in town Kasangana, where will be presented before the court in Malindi to be tried on charges of incest and indecent assault, according to Standard Media.
The claim that the man tenth daughter is 16 years old today and caused her pregnancy twice. The representative of the prosecution said Joyce Landau they learned of the incident through a church mission in the region.

She added that the villagers claimed they have raised the incident to the mayor, and despite the passage of 3 years no one moves about the case.
The man married two women and has at least 10 children from each and every one of them.

According to Landau, the people of the town said that the suspect tried two more times with his daughters younger harassment, aged 9 years and 12 years, but they managed to escape.

The girl confirmed Mahal case she was thirteen years old when the first incident occurred in 2009.

She said: I have been asked to take off my clothes, and when they resisted hit me before take off me by force. She told her mother, but the father threatened to.
Since then the father was torn apart displayed with the knowledge of her mother, who had been living in constant fear of doing anything to save them.
The girl said that her father got her pregnant twice a day the mother of a child at the age of two and the last is 11 months.

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