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Found an encrypted message from World War in the structure «Zajil»

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After half a century of World War II found British warship encrypted message in the skeletal remains of a bird homers.

He discovered David Martin Temple while he was renovating his house in (Surrey), where it became clear there capsule small red strapped bone list and contains an encrypted message, which show that was born in 1944, where researchers expected that loaded message from France on the Allied invasion of the beaches French Bank on June 6, 1944.

He adds historians and experts that this bird could have strayed due to bad weather or perhaps weary long journey over the English Channel was unable pursue aviation until the target, try taking a break over the window sill in the house (David) but the effort smth and died there, note that the place of arrival is one of the centers selected agency (MI6) to British intelligence and the reality at a distance of 130 km north of the house of David Martin.

And hastened British organizations to claim grant this bird medals (Deakin) as a hero of the heroes of the war, noted that half of the animals who have been honored even today in Britain,'s total 64 animals are birds homers in addition to 28 dogs and 3 horses and never had one.

The confidential documents revealed that the British trained more than 250 thousand birds Zajil to transmit messages during the war.

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