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Showing posts with label Rape. Show all posts


Lebanese security man leaving a naked girl on the banks of the river

رجل امن لبناني يترك فتاة عارية على ضفاف النهر

Leave a Lebanese security man working an investigation Lebanese girl "e. D" (20 years), were with him and after that drank reduce Lees, left naked on the banks of the Awali River in Sidon, southern Lebanon ...


Egypt four youths abducted girl and rape her for two days ..And you can escape while watching a match

Area witnessed pyramid heinous crime, where 4 young kidnapped girl at the age of "28 years" at gunpoint and took her to an apartment area Ezbet Jibril pyramid and took turns raping her for two days, and when left abductors yesterday to watch the match Ahly and Esperance, managed to escape from them.And went to the section of the pyramid and informed them.


Search for a man or smaller in Mexico

Gave birth to Mexican girl, ten years old, a baby boy at the end of the period of pregnancy lasted 31 weeks, said site Frontline News Wire, the newborn weighs 3.3 pounds, and saw the light after a caesarean section in the Women's Hospital in the city of Puebla, which is now in the Intensive care unit care where he is for the treatment of pneumonia.

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